AskSmartSociety! Is a hybrid Q&A service, in which users can post questions and answers are collected both from machines (e.g., Google search) as well as other users. The example is built around a user posting a question to the platform about restaurants with specific eating options in the vicinity. Answers are aggregated from Google, Yelp as well as human peers that are queried via email or Twitter in accordance with their personal delivery and privacy policies. The workflow prescribes how replies are aggregated (e.g., preference for human replies if high reputation or multiple matching answers from more than two peers; otherwise, preference for the software peer reply).

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This example deals with the collective creation of a software artifact. The task is specified as a natural language description of a Java software artifact that the platform application needs to produce for an external user. Two collectives are created, the first one is a team of developers and the second one is a group of testers. The workflow automates the creation of a git project repository on the cloud, the addition of users from the two collectives with the necessary permissions. The workflow will create two collective based tasks:

  • coding task. It is closed when a commit message with the tag “@CODE_COMPLETE@ is received
  • testing task. It starts when the coding task is completed and ends when the test are run successfully and the code coverage reach a given percentage.

Watch the video tutorial
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