SmartCollectives allows you to quickly prototype and build applications for the sharing economy.




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What can I do?

SmartCollectives provides you an open source toolkit for easily building applications able to access combined resources provided by teams of diverse people. Resources can be physical ones (e.g., a seat in your car on your way home) or immaterial ones (e.g., knowledge on the best vegan restaurants in Vienna).

The toolkit includes automated mechanisms for incentivising user participation while preserving user privacy by design. The toolkit can be used to instantiate platforms serving B2C, B2B or B2G markets, as well as to run community-driven initiatives.



AskSmartSociety! Is a hybrid Q&A service, in which users can post questions and answers are collected both from machines (e.g., Google search) as well as other users.

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This example deals with the collective creation of a software artifact. The task is specified as a natural language description of a Java software artifact that the platform application ...

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